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Re: Depth Chart / Starters

Post by cats2506 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:00 am

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I thought I heard coach say something in the presser after the scrimmage that makes me think almost all the 1's have been decided, There are still some 2's and 3's to be determined and they will likely hinge on special teams and the versatility of the player.

How many can travel to TT? usually the non-conference games and FBS games are able to travel more than a BSC game
I don’t think the ILBs have been determined. I kinda hope Martin, if he’s an ILB, goes there from RB. Or that Hardy plays Sam and Andersen moves inside.
Why move Andersen inside?
You take away many of the things Andersen does well by moving him inside. He's a perfect fit at Sam linebacker. Here is my list of Troy's positional value:

1) SLB
2) RB
3) Buck
4) SS
5) QB
6) TE/Slot WR
7) DE
8.) FS
9) WLB
10) MLB
11) Outside WR
12) DT
13) OL
14) K/P
You left out Long Snapper...
Indeed I did. To be honest, he could probably be an NFL long snapper if he tried out. Maybe that's his true best position...
A couple of us were having a discussion on Andersen and areas that he could affect the game without taking much away from his main production areas (only a few extra snaps a game). Coach Choate mentioned him as a possible return option on Kickoff, but we tossed around the idea of the "Up Man" on punts. Sets up as direct snap for some RPO or even a lead blocker on the outside for the rolling punt/sweep to the outside. That may really mess with teams, having the best punter in the league as well as the most versatile player in the league standing back there on 4th and 4.
I thought earlier in camp, (maybe around time of first scrimmage) Choate talked about Troy being part of the shield, I think he mentioned Williams too.

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