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NFL rumor mill

Post by RickRund » Wed Feb 23, 2022 11:09 am

Tom Brady to the niners. Ironic that he could take over for Jimmy G.
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Re: NFL rumor mill

Post by coloradocat » Wed Feb 23, 2022 11:52 am

RickRund wrote:
Wed Feb 23, 2022 11:09 am
Tom Brady to the niners. Ironic that he could take over for Jimmy G.
Both are still under contract with their teams. It would be great if they were traded for each other. I believe their cap hits are similar as well so it would likely work dollar-wise. Jimmy would finally get an elite offense and Brady would get to go home and try to win a Super Bowl with a third team.

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Re: NFL rumor mill

Post by Bobcatsinmso » Sun Mar 20, 2022 9:41 am

Ok it is no longer a rumor. D Watson is now a Cleveland brown. If he can keep his nose clean do the Browns make the playoffs in 2022?
I will vote yes.
Where will the non adult in the room Mayfield end up?
More insurance company commercials?
OR will he refuse to take a physical, thereby nullifying a trade and sit on his butt for a year and collect 18 million guaranteed from Cleveland.
I wouldn't put it passed him to do it.
Who is more cursed, Detroit or Cleveland?

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